If is aesthetically pleasing to see a pair of heels on a shoe rack. One firmly upright and foreboding while the other lopsided, lost its balance and fell to its side, but just as lethal, if not more.
With such a picture in mind, we must all agree that women are one of the most beautiful creations of God. Our Millennial Jane comes in many shapes and forms. She is the epitome of perfection, wielding her freedom alongside the unbridled strength and power of being female in this generation

Jane the Executive
She likes her coffee black, her hair up in a bun, and her friends non-existent. She rushes home from work every day, happy to find her remote exactly where she left it. This should not be such a big deal since she lives alone, but she works with over-enthusiastic people who constantly invade her personal space,so she takes pleasure in mundane things such as her untouched remote. Jane has a strict schedule, she has control over everything she does, her bathroom sandals are blue because it reminds her of the carefully picked toilet tiles, her water bottle is green because she likes cucumbers and her rug is red like her neighbor’s face when she tells her off for being too noisy. She does not like children, babies are loud; toddlers are messy. She enjoys the fact that she has a strict meal plan, which also reflects on her workout routine, let’s not even talk about her 5 AM morning runs.
Jane the Influencer
When she is not doing yoga, she is advising people on the internet over the benefits of almond milk. She is the type of person who has a spotlessly clean kitchen where she takes pictures of her organic smoothies, while having ten different vitamins and nourishment tablets around it (one for her nails, one for her hair, one for her skin, a girl can never really have enough of them). She probably has a similarly athletically inclined, everyday- is-leg-day, boyfriend. She smiles in all her pictures, her features unmarred by wrinkles (probably from her vegan lifestyle). Not only that, she is clad in matching sportswear which she never seems to wear more than once, her seemingly flat stomach clearly on display at all times for all to see. She has no political inclinations, because all lives matter. Jane is a lover of nature, of people, of the sky. In fact, locate her Instagram profile from the number of pictures taken by the beach with her doing a complicated yoga pose.
Jane the Drifter
Her passport is adorned with stamp after stamp of evidence on the places she has visited. She goes where the wind (her visa, prior travel plans and off season discounted tickets) tell her to. She wanders off every weekend to unknown places, is daring enough to put a snake around her neck when the tour guide suggests it, all the while juggling her 8AM -5PM job and her YouTube channel. She is the free spirit described in adventure books. While the rest of the world watches her from screens with bated breathes she is out marking the world one city at a time.
In all these glorious forms, Jane is a sight to behold. She has, over time, grown to make herself the titanium version of the women who canvassed the universe before her. She neither blinks nor does her breath hitch when the world back hands her, but turns a hard stare in its direction, that to you, ladies and gentlemen, is the chronicles of femme fatale.