From hooped skirts with a confining bodice to freeing the nipple, the millennial woman has decided that clothing should be picked based on comfort, personal style or at times for convenience. As simple a notion as this may seem though, the more judgmental societal side would rather use her dressing accompanied with her expressions to tag her as a feminist.

The word ‘feminist’ will have you think she is a full-body-leather clad woman who walks around talking over people while dragging the patriarchy through mud. Millennials love to draw things in extremes, which would explain the demonization or extreme support for the modern day feminist.

She may not even be a feminist. Chauvinists take pleasure in trying to leash any female who questions the norm. To them, feminism is the radical notion that women are people with thoughts or ideas parallel to their own. That a woman could simply be an independent entity who can speak for herself is sacrilegious to them. Her laugh is too boisterous, her clothes too tight. If she said left they would insist that it is right. Sometimes it would seem that the argument stems from a bitterness of our feminist’s existence.

The mother ship
Women do not hold it down for each other either (as if taunts from the opposite gender are not enough). Sitting in the midst of the weekly chamas,monthly gossip talks or annual get together’s, you would see other members take cautious glances at her before the chairlady conversationally asks “any wedding bells soon”, when it comes out in Swahili it’s even more rude“So, my sister, utaolewa lini?” here she takes a deliberately long sip from her tea to avoid the intensity of her gaze. To this, the other members would snicker under their breaths and think ‘serves her right for not following in our footsteps’. Little do they know that this barely tickles her, she has seen Paris in the rain, has a list of accolades beneath her belt and has shoes every colour of the African national flags.

Superiority complex
The adamant refusal to acknowledge that a woman is equal to a man has overtime lessened from loud jeers too faint scoffs. Let us just say our millennial woman has grown leaps from the former compliant subordinate human, to a fearless warrior who stares at a challenge right in the eye and winks (or close enough to that anyway). This however does not mean that the war against such foul treatment is over, oh no, it has just begun…