Recently named  SGA’s 2018 designer of the year, Founder and CEO Idil Sabrie is a social activist, youth peace ambassador and a fashion lover. She is passionate about female empowerment and expresses so in her daily life, whether it is through her sense of style or her career as a humanitarian aid worker. This unlikely combination of interests leads to the birth of a fashion house unlike any other.

House of Idil is for women with an edgy sense of style and a personality to match it. A unique line of modesty that combines hijab and high-fashion, House of Idil offers you quality and the chance to dress as one of a kind.

But House of Idil is more than just a clothing line, it is a social movement and the start of women taking back their modesty one bold outfit at a time. It is a rebellion in a society where sexualizing women is the norm, it is defiance.

So let’s go queens, let’s paint the world modest…